Monday, December 6, 2010

Stone Therapy is...

Nature has provided us not only with food but also with things that can heal us as well. There are lots of herbal products in the market available in capsule form. Company claims that these herbal medicines could heal a certain diseases. Although the claim is quite exaggerated, it could help with your goal in one way or another. For example, herbal medicine claims to help you lose your weight. This could be true, but all they could do is to get you to eat less. Unless you exercise, this food supplement will still amount to nothing. Whatever their function is, plants can give us something that will help us be healthier and prevent illness.

But it is not only plants that have such a magical power. Other natural “products” of nature also have healing properties. When taken properly, water has been proven to heal a number of conditions, and controlled water therapy has been used for decades.
In spas and massage centers, another property of nature is being used. Stone therapy has been very popular in spas nowadays for their healing properties.
Stones are used to control the chakra flow of our body. Chakra flow is a very loose term for energy but could also be referred to as a blood flow and proper realignment of the body.
Therapists will use either hot or cold stones in their therapy. Hot stones, which could be from 125-135 degrees Fahrenheit, are placed in different part of the body. When applied, the effect is almost instantaneous. You will basically feel the heat as they are placed in certain points in your body. If you have tight muscles, hot stones will definitely work for you since hot stones could sooth the muscles and loosen them. Most of the time, stress could be addressed by hot stones when they are properly placed and administered by professionals.
On the other hand, cold stones are applied to heal other conditions. They are usually placed in the body to foster better blood circulation. In a long shot, this will help you lose some weight. Better blood circulation means that your body will flush out all the bad chemicals from your body, and that only healthy properties are left. Cold stones can also heal inflammation and swelling in certain parts of the body.
Stone therapy usually is not applied alone, but together with other forms of therapy. Acupuncture, as well as aroma therapy is often associated with this therapy.
But if you don’t have any complications, stone therapy will still work for you. In a regular stone therapy session, therapists will often place stone in strategic places in your spine. Since everything in the lower part of the body goes through the spinal column, it’s just natural to place the stones near your spine to foster healing in various parts of the body. If there’s a specific part of the muscles that needs healing, hot stones are placed there.
Stone therapy is a soothing session. It will leave you rejuvenated and relieved of all stress. With constant therapy, you will always have a good disposition as well as a healthy body.

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